Test No. 104 - "Electrolytic Capacitor EL-7"
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Output Variations at 30oC

June 6 - 13, 1977
Stewart Ct. Laboratory
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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To observe fluctuations in self-potential output of electrolytic capacitor EL-7 at constant temperature 30oC. Capacitor loaded with 50 K.


The capacitor (by its construction) is hermetically sealed (against humidity and barometric pressure changes) and the can (grounded) is almost completely immersed in 50% ethylene glycol solution at 30oC +/- .1oC in constant-temperature bath (also grounded).

Potential reduced to the range (0-10 mV) of Houston recorder No. 2 by loading with 50 K. Circuit is as follows:


As shown on chart (Fig. 1), there appears to be no definite diurnal periodicity in the self-potential of EL-7 during this period of time.

Considering that the capacitor is shunted by a 50 K load, the potential developed is surprising.

The polarity reversed from positive to negative in this capacitor early in June and remained negative throughout this test.

Graphic - Figure 1

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