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Dear Mr. Bolland,

The only information I have about Thomas Townsend-Brown describes him as the talented but unschooled lab assistant of Dr. Biefeld, when he was at Stanford, sixty years ago; I have never found T.T.-Brown to have received a degree.

Biefeld noticed that a condenser plate moved toward the positive pole when electrically charged. He gave the phenomenon to his lab assistant to study. T.T.-Brown came to the conclusion the Biefeld-Brown Effect is an interaction between gravity and electricity. He received several patents, which you can purchase from Washington, disclosing a number of different inventions. By 1927, he published a paper describing every detail of the Flying Saucers seen forty years later over Mount Rainier by Flight Captain Edwards. One of my correspondents said he saw a movie of T.T.-Brown's flying discs in flight, when the film was circulated around Californian public schools before the JapaNazi War. After spending his family fortune to develop his inventions, T.T.-Brown retired in seclusion on Santa Catalina Island. Shortly before his recent death, he sold out all his discoveries to a secret R & D consortium in California, and whatever else is being done is behind walls.

From the testimonies of numerous witnesses, I believed that UFO's were mistaken identity, vivid imagination, and mostly hoaxes. Nevertheless, I believed Saucers really flew, simply because I knew they could be built on general physical principles. In other words, I believed that at least 99.44% of the tales are as pure as Marilyn Chambers. Last summer, I saw .66% for myself.

Then I figured out how they fly. And it is quite obvious, really Even a weak electric charge will ionize air. That oxygen and nitrogen atoms bear positive charges is elementary chemistry. That positive ions will be repelled from the anode and move to the cathode is elementary electricity. Given sufficient charge, sufficient ions will move from the top surface of a disc to the bottom until the pressure differential raises it.

Since T.T.-Brown was not schooled, and not into chemistry, it is natural that he mistook the partial vacuum over the anode as an electrogravitic effect. And it is because he made a mistaken assumption that none of his inventions functioned as positively as he expected.

During the 70's, Franco-American Military research developed and successfully flew an aircraft that conforms to all the structural and operating characteristics of a Flying Saucer. The official report calls it an ION DRIVE, but the official photograph displays none of the features necessary for an ION DRIVE as described in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

It seems to me that millions of volts are needed for practical flight, but you 500Kv. capacity should be sufficient to prove that the Biefeld-Brown Effect is due to ionized air, and not an electrical interaction with gravity, if you perform your experiments in an evacuated chamber.

I believe you will find fellow travelers in the Tesla Society, Toby Grotz and Gardener Robertson, doing research on Tesla's discoveries in Leadville, Colorado, are seeking to increase their already extensive mailing list. If you are interested, you can let them know by giving your address to:

Post Office Box #277
Leadville, Colorado

The best sources of information I have for theoretical physics beyond the fringe are:

191 rue promenade
Suite #600
Hull, Quebec
J8X 2K6
Attention: Mr. Andrew Michrowski


Post Office Box #1182
Huntsville, Alabama
Attention: Mr. Thomas E. Bearden

PACE has a vast computer data base with worldwide conections, even behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. I received amazing press clippings from the Polish Flying Saucer Association in Szczecin. Mr. Michrowski is a Senior Civil Servant in Ottawa and the Federal Capital Region.

Mr. Bearden is a nuclear physicist retired with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel after a career in ballistic missiles and interpreting computerized war games for the Pentagon.

Both of these groups have a membership fee of $20-$50 per year and send out irregular bulletins of their findings and activities. If money is not squeaking for the telephone connection, it seems a small price to log into their data bases and load up for a few hours at 1200 baud full duplex.

P.O. Box #429
Garberville, California
Attention: Mr. Thomas Brown

Thomas Pawlicki