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Mr. Frolov Alexander Vladimirovitch
A Scientific Expert of the Russian Physical Society

Website: alexfrolov.narod.ru (Russian)

Phone: +7-921-9932501

Email: a2509@yahoo.com

Birthday: Sept. 25, 1962

Academic Background:

High Military Engineering Institute for Telecommunication, Engineer for wireless communication.
Honours diploma: "Method and system for wireless telecommunication that use distributed frequencies". Patent filled of 1983.

Languages: English, speak, read and understand.

Computer skills:

Hardware and software installation, change of the configuration, Win95, Word 7.0, INTERNET experience from 1995. High rate for type both in Russian and in English.

Career History: (All positions in St.-Petersburg)

1993-1997 JSC "Comincom", Engineer-expert. Experience in radio-relay (NERA and others), satellite (VSAT, Matra Marconi Space, SkyData), data telecommuncation SPCM equipment (TADIRAN), PABX equipment (ALCATEL 4300, Coral). Installation and technical support.

1996 Certified training in TADIRAN Telecommunication Co., Israel.

1992-1993 Small private company. Director, owner. Experience in business.

1991-1992 Small private company. Financial Manager. Experience in accounting.

1989-1991 "Granit" Central Scientific Research Institute. Engineer. Design for wireless telecommunication systems, receivers department. Experience in research and development projects.

1984-1989 Military Forces of USSR. Officer.

Fields of special competence:

Self-motivated investigations in physics of gravitation, reactionless propulsion, inertia, longitudinal waves for wireless telecommunication (Tesla's method), vacuum energy technologies. Member of International Academy for MegaSciences, Russia. Expert of Russian Physical Society.

Patent applications:

N 3668257/09164871, December 2, 1983.
N 5023025, February 14, 1992.

Some publications:

1.The application of potential energy for creation of power, New Energy News, USA, May 1994, p.1-5.

2. The longitudinal wave generator, New Energy News, USA, June 1994,p.10.

3. Potentials in Power Generation, Newsletter of Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Canada-Germany, vol.8, N1, Sept. 1994, p.6-10.

4. The single-wire electric power transmission, New Energy News, USA, Dec. 1994, p.13-15.

5. Application of potential energy for power generation, in Rusian, paper in collection of reports by Intenational Conference, published by Russian Academy of Sciences, "Problems of investigation of the Universe", 1995, p.53-59.

6. The non-equilibrum state of the Universe, The Scientific and Medical Network Review, n 62, Dec 1996, Scotland.

7. Reports "The concept of mass-process" pp 123-134, "The work is created by means of potential field" pp 371-380, "The concept of gravitation" pp 481-490, in English, published by "PiK", St.-Petersburg, The Proceedings of International Scientific Conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", 1996.

8. "Trilateral spacetime effect", magazine of Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Germany-Canada, April 1997, p.10-14.

International conferences:

1994, Minsk, cold fusion conference.
1995, St.-Petersburg, "Space, Time, Gravitation", report [5].
1996, St.-Petersburg, "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", reports [7].

Expecting area of work:

Research and development for longitudinal waves telecommunication method, gravitation and energetics.
Previous salary: 650 USD per month.
Expecting salary: 1500 USD per month in St.-Petersburg.
Expecting contract period: 2 years.

Contact persons for recommendation references:

1. Prof. Philip Kanarev, Krasnodar's University, Russia, email: nauka@kubgau.kuban.ru.

2. Dr. Tomas E. Bearden, Association of Distinguished American Scientists, USA, email: tebearden@aol.com.

3. Dr. Hal Fox, Institute for New Energy, USA, fax: 1-801-5832963.