T. Townsend Brown Timeline (continuously updated)

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This page represents an ongoing effort to tracke the movements of T. Townsend Brown during his life in an attempt to better understand the projects on which he was working.

November 1942
Date Location Event
1905-1921 Zanesville, Ohio Early childhood
1921-1923 Zanesville, Ohio Doane Academy
Radio experiments
Met Lee DeForest
1923-1924 Pasadena, Calfornia California Institute of Technology
First ideas about gravitational radiation
Rejected by Robert Millikan
Home lab
1924-1926 Zanesville, Ohio Denison Uiversity
Met Paul Biefeld
1926-1928 Zanesville, Ohio TTB courts Josephine Beale
September 8, 1928 Zanesville, Ohio TTB and Josephine marry
November 15, 1928 Cellular gravitator patent
1929-1930 Zanesville, Ohio Early married life
Experiments with L. K. Brown
Stock Market crash
Eldridge Johnson endowment to University of Pennsylvania for medical research
August 1929 "How I Control Gravitation"
Science and Invention magazine
October 29, 1929 stock market crash
December 4, 1929 TTB writes to Navy
June 24-25, 1930 TTB demonstration for General Motors
August 1930 affidavit from Paul Biefeld about rotating Biefeld-Brown effect and sidereal fluctuations
1930-1933 TTB in the Navy - active duty
September 3, 1930 TTB enlists in Navy at Cleveland, Ohio, basic training at Great Lakes Training Station
November 22, 1930 TTB is Honor Recruit, candidate for San Diego Navy Radio Training School
TTB is given orders to Naval Research Laboratory
February 26, 1931 TTB donates equipment to NRL
3 March 1931 TTB is assistant to officer in charge of radio school
March 16, 1931 TTB reports to NRL Anacostia, DC
January 1932 TTB is offered position on S-48 Vening Meinesz Navy-Princeton Gravity Expedition to West Indies, or Admiral Byrd's International Polar Expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska. Chooses S-48. "Superior skills as a lab man". Rank: Seaman First Class.
February 3, 1932 Earthquake in Santiago, Cuba. TTB rescues Vening Meinesz from rubble Other person helping in the rescue was a companion Harry Hess. future name in sonar development and Undersea explorations. 7 February - 17 March 1932 - S-48 gravity cruise, Cuba-Miami. Future admiral Hyman Rickover on board.
Spring 1932 TTB assigned to Physical Optics Division, recommended for higher pay scale
June-August 1932 Letter exchange, infighting over TTB's science posting. NRL personnel want him with them, Senators write on his behalf, Bureau of Navigation wants him to serve sea time, TTB proposes "mechanical reaction on fluids" study, Chief of Bureau of Engineering overrules Navigation
January 23 - early March 1933 Johnson-Smithsonian Deep Sea Expedition on Eldridge Johnson's yacht Caroline. TTB is radar/sonar operator. First called 'Dr Brown'. Docks at Nassau, William Stephenson believed to have met TTB. Meets Florence Douglass. Expedition terminated due to financial panic over FDR's 'Bank Holidays'.
February 20, 1933 Orville Brown, 72, falls or jumps out a window - Brown family fortune almost all gone
April 18,1933 TTB promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade)
April/May 1933 TTB dismissed from active duty status owing to Navy budget cutbacks. Senator Robinson appeals on his behalf but is not successful.
1933-1938 TTB inactive from Navy "pending establishment of Gravity Section of Hydrographic Office, special projects in relief work, harbour protection on Lake Erie"
1934 (via Morgan) TTB demonstrates something at Nassau for Alfred Loomis and British Admiralty Loomis later continues development of instruments
13 March 1934 son Joseph Brown born
1 March 1936 TTB recruits for covert-sounding Dutch East Indies "scientific" expedition. Sidereal investigations continue - Fleming, Gish, Miller, Maris
Spring 1936 - May 1937 TTB and Josephine develop Hawthorne farm into Hawthorne Pool
24 December 1936 TTB finger amputation reported after "accident at Wise Foundry"
3 December 1937 TTB and Josephine divorce
January 1938 Townsend Brown Foundation set up
22 March 1938 TTB requests housing for instruments at Denison, Denison trustees decline
1938-1942 TTB active in Navy again
April 1938 TTB applies for full Lieutenant
20 June - 30 September 1938 TTB on USS Nashville shakedown cruise and "goodwill tour" - Carribbean, Philadelphia, France, Germany, Sweden, England. Loads $50 million of gold bullion in Portsmouth, for Chase Manhattan bank in New York.
10 June 1939 TTB reports he has built a sidereal radiation detector for University of Pennsylvania
1 September 1939 WW2 starts
1938 - 1940 Josephine serves at Bethesda Hospital as a nurse, then works as a courier in Washington DC for William Stephenson via Evelyn McBarnet
10 June 1940 TTB reports job as materials and processing engineer for Glenn Martin in Baltimore, flying boats
19 September 1940 TTB and Josephine remarry. Josephine is District Supervisor of WPA houskeeping aid project
1 October 1940 31 March 1941 - TTB reports occupation as acoustic and magnetic mine sweeping and design
7 December 1941 USA enters WW2
early 1942 TTB is Radio Officer, Ship's Service Officer and Educational Officer at Atlantic Fleet Radar School Norfolk, Virginia.
28 July 1942 TTB ordered to ship equipment to Radar School
30 September 1942 TTB resigns from Navy "to avoid court martial"
1943-1945 Vega
TTB moves into Wonderland Drive, Los Angeles and starts work at Vega (Lockheed). Working with Bradford Shank sometime here
1 December 1942 Vega notebook - UHF antenna and 'Structure of Space'
1945 Germany
12 April 1945 FDR dies, TTB immediately called into occupied Germany to retrieve technology for Caroline/Nassau, Halifax bomber NA337, Accompanied by Twigsnapper/O'Riley/Boston as bodyguard (associated with John Godfrey's 30th Assault Unit?), Suggestion that the rumours of underground Nazi research facilities in Bavaria were true, Crosses path with Howard Campaigne's US Army TICOM unit, and Robert Sarbacher's unit working for British Director of Naval Intelligence, Shot in the lung during botched scientist retrieval. Unnamed German scientist is dead. Convalesces at a classified US Army hospital in the UK near Farm Hill, Sarbacher and O'Riley rescue Richard Miethe from Soviet internment camp with Hans Von Luck's assistance.
1945- 1947 Laguna Beach, Los Angeles Sometime here Bradford Shank produces very early anti-nuclear documentary "Where Will You Hide?"
June 1945 Josephine moves to Laguna Beach
August 1945 TTB returns to Laguna Beach and continues recovering, "The Rain on the Window papers" written sometime around here? (Those pages were dated 1944)
11 December 1945 daughter Linda Ann Brown born
1946 TTB operating a Los Angeles lab with Bradford Shank and Beau Kitselman, Buys ten acres of land at Dana Point for Sidereal Radiation Lab.
24 June 1947 Kenneth Arnold UFO flying discs sighting
July 1947 Truman signs National Security Act
1947-1951 Hawaii
5 December 1947 TTB, Josephine, Linda, Joseph and Grandma arrive on Kauai
3 August 1948 Los Angeles (sometime around here working with Roger Babson promoting Sidereal Radiation stock market prediction), Photo of TTB with Puscheck and Spirito at unknown continental USA location
23 December 1948 TTB's mother Mary Townsend Brown dies in Zanesville;( Actually she died in Santa Ana, California and is buried in California too. family and town scandalized that he returns to Hawaii and is not present at her death. FBI notes this in a report.
29 August 1949 first Soviet atomic bomb detonated
1949-1950 TTB reported as consultant for Grove Farm sugar plantation on electroculture( However the agents that reported that were never able to interview anyone in the area who had actually seen him there.)
1947-early 1950s TTB works at Pearl Harbor Navy Yard in Electronics Office. Demonstrates gravitator to Barbers Point students.
April 1950 Robert Sarbacher featured in Saturday Evening Post as electronics genius working for Navy, Robert Sarbacher talks to Wilbert Smith about UFO classification.
Summer 1950 Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Demonstration conducted for Navy brass (and possibly President Truman?) of propulsion and communication system. Security breach found. Potential divorce crisis with Josephine and 'Red'. She chooses to stay with TTB.
1951-1953 Los Angeles Winterhaven begins. Townsend Brown Foundation reconstituted in Los Angeles with Bradford Shank and Mason Rose. William Lear ("Lehr") visits. Air Force and FBI eavesdropping.
April 1952 demonstrations of tethered discs to skeptical press
15 September 1952 Cady Report for Office of Naval Research, Pasadena, reports that it is only electric wind Report is initially classified but immediately declassified.
November 1952 George Adamski reported first encounter with 'Venusians'
10 January 1953 FBI report on "Project Winterhaven" Winterhaven Proposal document produced around this time. Names SRI, University of Chicago, Franklin Institute, Princeton IAS, Lear Inc, Jansky & Bailey, Brush, Hancock Manufacturing
1953 - Zanesville, Brush January 1953 - Browns move back to Zanesville, Ohio Joseph Brown leaves home, becomes bitter at "flying saucer pipe dreams" 12 August 1953 - TTB is consultant for Clevite-Brush Corporation, Cleveland. Low on money. "Interest in Washington increasing" 1954 - Washington DC, Embassy Laundry Late 1953 or early 1954 - Browns move to Washington, DC and run Embassy Laundry. Linda stays with Josephine's parents (Beales), TTB and Josephine stay at house of Jacques Cornellion Robert Sarbacher also involved. Russian connections. Disputed connection between Jacques Cornellion and Jacques Bergier. 29 May 1954 - fraud lawsuit from "two wealthy Los Angeles men". Names listed in lawsuit as alleged developers of technology are Ford Foundation, Hughes Aircraft, Bing Crosby, General Electric, Brush Corporation in Cleveland, Lear Inc, RCA. Agents compiling FBI report are Puscheck and Spirito. 1954-1957 - Leesburg, Virginia / Washington DC / Europe November 1954 - Browns move to Leesburg, Virginia. TTB continues working in Washington, DC Helen Towt becomes a family friend, teaches Linda and Josephine game of "Russian Bank" Robert Sarbacher still involved Winter 1955 - family moves to new house still in Leesburg 21 March 1955 - FBI report by Lloyd Dunn on TTB's "sidereal radiation" stock market predictions and electrogravitational theory concludes "there is no information he is engaging in any promotional activity at this time" Spring 1955 - Potomac floods, Browns spend time at Jacques Cornillion's cabin Spring or summer 1955 - Browns move to Montressor estate / school / riding camp. Housekeeper Mrs Stanford speaks French and knows Sarbacher TTB still living/working in Washington DC Albert Einstein dies Williams family visit. Bobbie Williams is Helen Towt's sister. Tom Williams is artist who drew the flame jet ship illustration in one of the Winterhaven papers ("Electrohydrodynamics"?) During one Williams visit, Linda and TTB both have dream about UFO landing on lawn "The set was brought back to him. No, it was not a dream." 15 July - 21 July 1955 - TTB's first trip to Paris 1 October 1955 - TTB notebook 1 starts 1956 - Interavia gravity articles 5 March - 29 March 1956 - TTB's second trip to Paris and England "He handled a couple of smoking bolt operations" ATLAS computer Berlin Tunnel Vacuum propulsion experiments at Soc. Nat. Construc. Aeronaut. Photo with O'Riley at "Fouquets" in Paris Cheltenham - "a listening device that was far superior" "tunnel diode" Meets Joseph Brown (now in USAF, stationed in UK) in London TTB visits family briefly after return but is mostly away "He moved immediately to Florida and began working on the tunnel diode for the Navy with General Electric" links to "Project Tattletale"? skip radar cesium clouds an operation out of Bimini 9 June 1956 - alleged body of frogman Lionel Crabb retrieved from Chichester harbour no positive identification made what was Crabb's connection to TTB if any? October 1956 - NICAP founded from Clara Walton Colcord John's "Little Listening Post" Helen Towt suggests the name "Committee" invented around the Browns' kitchen table (sometime around here TTB asks Helen "what's new at the PU" - possibly the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit?) Christmas 1956 - TTB is not present with the family for Christmas January 1957 - TTB is ousted as head of NICAP some board members claim NICAP funds could be diverted to his electrogravity research retired Admiral Delmer Fahrney, former head of Navy guided missile program, takes over a few months later Fahrney steps down and Donald Keyhoe becomes best-known NICAP head 1957 - Florida March 1957 - Brown family move to Umatilla, Florida Townsend seems much more relaxed, works from home office with Josephine Divides his time between "intelligence work" and the Winterhaven projects RCA Stratoworld shortwave radio set is always present with him Lots of family road trips 1957-1958 - North Carolina November 1957 - TTB starts consulting with Agnew Bahnson Jr in Winston Salem, North Carolina 11 - 21 November 1957 - Josephine Brown is diagnosed with cervical cancer and TTB returns to Florida for her surgery, then flies back to Winston Salem Thanksgiving 1957 - Linda cooks Thanksgiving turkey because TTB is absent December 1957 - Bryce and Cecile DeWitt visit the Bahnson lab 14 December 1957 - TTB is unsure whether Bahnson contract will continue 11 January 1958 - 100% counterbary (in air?) celebration - film Flame jet generator discussed April 1958 - Linda and Josephine move to log cabin in North Carolina "the happiest time of her childhood" June 1958 - TTB buys horse Beauty for Linda August 1958 - "something major happened" which drew TTB into an intelligence organization according to Morgan Morgan also claims the CRITICOMM system which went online about then was TTB's work 29 September 1958 - last entry in TTB notebook #2 until October 1967 30 October 1958 - TTB gives electrohydrodynamics presentation at Bahnson labs last mention of him in Bahnson notes Jonas Whitten and Daniel Kahn from Glenn Martin 1958-1963 - missing years in Defying Gravity 12 September 1960 - George Adamski visits Bahnson lab Agnew Bahnson writes "The Stars Are Too High" sometime here 1961-ish - Morgan's sister dies 1962 - Beau Kitselman writes "Hello Stupid" the TTB loudspeaker plays "The Sound of Music" for the first time 1962 Townsend Brown spirits family away from Meadville Pa and sends them to live in the Bahamas with Charles Miller accompanying them. He is an " armed escort" 1962 Family returns to live on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Dr. Brown begins contract at " Decker Labs" 1962 Helen Towt dies in an automobile accident on her way up to meet with Charles Miller. Nature of "accident" remains suspect. 1963-1964 - Ashlawn Brown family stay at Ashlawn, Great Valley, Philadelphia, for two years so Linda can finish high school Charles Miller still on staff. 1963 - Linda and TTB visit University of Philadelphia where an engineering professor says "What an honor to meet you Mr Brown!" Presumably it wasn't Everett Palmatier as he was in Physics? Charles Miller is bodyguard/chauffer. Linda meets Morgan 1964 - Agnew Bahnson dies in plane crash Institute of Field Theory at Chapel Hill never quite recovers from this point January - summer 1964 - TTB is working for Martin Decker (first time) on the fan/speaker. Assigns patents to Electrokinetics, Inc. It does not end well, turns into a lawsuit. "You can paper your privy with this stock" Summer 1964 - Linda and Morgan graduate high school August 1964 - Joseph Brown gets engaged. He is living in Oregon. September 1964 - Browns leave Ashlawn. Linda starts at Southern Seminary, Virginia. Morgan starts at Antioch College, Ohio. TTB and Josephine move to Homestead, Florida. 1964-1966 Florida and Nassau Christmas 1964 - TTB explains the fan/speaker to Morgan during a Christmas vacation visit Morgan meets William Stephenson and is recruited Discussion of time travel March 1965 - TTB has sued Martin Decker "a new organization forming out of Nassau" Summer 1965 - Morgan meets Ilya Tolstoy at Marineland Lunch at Greycliff Hotel in Nassau, meets William Stephenson Offered a job as an "international security agent" Told to report to CIA's "The Farm" (Camp Peary) in spring 1966 September 1965 - Hurricane Betsy hits Nassau just before Linda leaves Autumn 1965 - Linda gets pneumonia at Southern Sem and arrests TTB knows but does not tell her. He does tell Morgan who visits. December 1965 - Linda visits Homestead, William Stephenson visits the lab Linda decides to drop out from Southern Sem to help her dad. February 1966 - Linda is now working in the lab at Homestead "Nassau" operatives visit Homestead again, offer $100,000 cash to move the lab to Nassau "Decker or Nassau" is the question 1966-1967 - Philadelphia April 1966 - Brown family move to Philadelphia to work for Martin Decker again Puscheck and Spirito are "Nassau's men at Decker" TTB takes sand samples on the trip Morgan is awaiting "travel orders" and is about to get to Camp Peary Spring 1966 - "That's when Dr Brown hit me with the whole deal" TTB/Morgan conversation about time travel "a ship called the Argonaut" May 1966 - Morgan leaves for Camp Peary "Morgan will be in Virginia at least until September" June 1966 - speaker is ready for testing Decker refusing to follow through on some promises regarding furniture in storage Lindas college friend "Tula" becomes her "roommate" in Philadelphia July 1966 - Morgan vists on 24-hour furlough from Camp Peary. Introduces Tula to his buddy " Juan" Summer 1966 - 20 employees are Ron Moyer's "mutiny" list at Deckers September 1966 - Decker standoff comes to a head TTB gets a call from Nassau to sever his relationship with Decker because of a security breach He's angry at this because he wants to finish the prototype 5 October 1966 - TTB walks out from Decker over non-payment of wages and heads immediately to San Francisco getting a "management team" together with Beau Kitselman and Bradford Shank 19 November 1966 - under duress, Decker sends the pay check Christmas 1966 - TTB returns to Philadelphia for Christmas Beau calls because he and Brad haven't been able to build a demo model of the fan and want him back there 18 January 1967 - "Kismet" call (which means a verbally encoded message) Morgan is summoned, Linda and Morgan (and Tula and Juan) retrieve TTB notebooks from Deckers 5 February 1967 - "the group in Los Angeles has defaulted" Linda and Josephine head to Los Angeles anyway Leaving Philadelphia without notice. TTB has meetings with Brad and Beau for six weeks which resolve with Floyd Odlum becoming the new backer. with major meetings being set up that springtime. 1967 -1968 Palm Springs, Santa Monica 15 April 1967 - luncheon demo at Odlum ranch with Curtis LeMay and Chuck Yeager Two weeks later, a demo for Edward Teller at his home in Berkeley 16 June 1967 - Brown family move to Santa Monica under instructions from Floyd Odlum. Rebuilding demo models of the fan for Guidance Technologies Inc, a missile guidance company "this thing was so incredible it had to be some kind of fake" GTI CEO 3 August 1967 - contract signed with GTI September 15, 1967 Linda meets Morgan in San Francisco. He's "training" physically and mentally. "In September, some important documentation was handed over by the people who were safeguarding it - me and Charles Miller" The project's black application was "handed over to Northrop". November 1967 - William Lear is very interested and visits the lab regularly Curtis LeMay is also very interested Demo of the fan for Rand Corporation. Nobody is surprised. The next day the project is shut down. "It's over, sweetie." GTI pays TTB $1,500 a month in perpetuity, despite going bankrupt as per contract that Odlum had drawn up. Thanksgiving 1967 - Linda meets George 22 January 1968 - Aviation Week magazine reports that Northrop is studying a new technology involving ionizing the leading edge of wings 22 November 1968 - TTB has a lung hemorrage but recovers, but it is the first of many. Afterwards April 1971 - TTB moves from Atherton to Catalina (within one week from choice to move) he has lung problems during the first week of living on the Island at Stanford Medical Research Center where his lung is removed. January 1972 - Linda and George marry April 1973 - Linda's daughter Jennifer born Linda and George move to Catalina Island 1975 - TTB moves to San Francisco meets Jim Lee at an SRI conference Lee hires TTB as a consultant on electrokinetic fans resolving the ozone problem is tricky TTB is also working on petrovoltaics "Project Xerxes" on rock electro-potentials is shut down after a trip to Washington Letter from Everett Palmatier - "this is the light at the end of a rainbow which has been dark for too long" 1978 - TTB and Josephine discuss moving to Hawaii TTB is consulting on DUMAND he has a sidereal detector on Oahu Josephine is reluctant TTB takes Josephine to San Francisco to meet some people and she changes her mind Morgan says "Josephine got her ride" 1983? - TTB and Josephine move back to Catalina Linda and George are there 27 October 1985 - TTB dies he sends his papers to San Antonio first 1987 - Linda and George move to a small town in the desert between LA and Palm Springs Christmas 1987 - Morgan "dies" in a road accident. Funeral is in Pennsylvania. Morgan's story is that he had terminal cancer and was healed after a visionary experience "Morgan would have been roughly 37" says Paul - but Linda would have been 42. Is five years "roughly"? 1988 - Zatek (company?) gets patent on TTB fan which it licences to Sharper Image Spring 1988 - Josephine brown dies Morgan says he visited her in the hospital before she died March 1992 - Aviation Week reports that the Northrop B2 uses electrokinetic type technology