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Due to the controversial nature of some aspects of Townsend Brown's research, particularly concerning potential gravitational coupling, individuals and organizations from the mainstream to the borderlands of science have approached his work from many unique perspectives.


The Living Moon - Looking for some thing really different... (Note: Forum is currently set to Admin Approval for New Members).


Blaze Labs Research - a very good source of information and links on EHD (electrohydrodynamic) thrusters, alternate energy research, and experiments.

Stan Deyo - Author of The Cosmic Conspiracy and The Vindicator Scrolls.

Steven Dufresne - electrostatic propulsion experiments with Brown, Bahnson and Kings' electrostatic domes.

Alexander V. Frolov - electro-gravitational coupling effect at Faraday Labs.

Linda Howe at Earthfiles Science - dedicated to breaking scientific discoveries and the unexplained.

Laura Lee at Conversation for Exploration - dedicated to research in an "eclectic range of fields - consciousness studies, wisdom traditions, new theories in all the sciences, ancient mysteries, the unexplained, and the just plain fascinating, breaking scientific discoveries and the unexplained." You might catch something interesting.

Jean-Louis Naudin (France) - Electrokinetics and other potential exotic power systems at JLN Labs.

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast - the broadcast can be heard on the radio (coast to coast) or by using the LIVE Direct Satellite Feed available on his site.

Research Organizations:

Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics - gravity, electromagnetic apparatuses, etc. Includes layman's and physicist's sections.

The Electric Spacecraft Journal.

The Institute for New Energy.

The Nikola Tesla Museum.

Raycertech "At the Forefront of Advanced EHD Technology" - A good site for the design, construction and experimental results of various EHD Devices and High Voltage Technology including the commonly known 'Lifter' as well as advanced Thrusters, EHD Pumps and AFG Devices.

Equipment and Supply Companies:

All Electronics Corp. - new and surplus electronic parts and supplies.

Asarco - copper, specialty metals and alloys, and high-purity electronic elements and compounds.

Aerovox Div. PPC - high voltage wet and dry film capacitors designed for pulse power applications.

Cableform - high voltage resistors.

Caton Connector Corporation - corona-free connectors, cable assemblies and wire

Caddock - high performance, precision resisitors.

C and H Sales Company - electronic surplus components and other products.

Clare - solid state relays and opto isolators.

Directed Energy, Inc. - time-of-flight pulse generators.

EBG Resistors - standardized and customized precision, high voltage, high power non-inductive thick film resistors.

EMCO High Voltage Corporation - miniaturized high voltage DC supplies.

Hosfelt Electronics, Inc. - full range of electronic supplies, equipment, and components.

Information Unlimited - high voltage capacitors, resistors, kits, plans, etc.

Invesys Lambda - high voltage supplies.

Kanthar Globar - high voltage, high frequency non-inductive resistors and ceramic capacitors.

Kilovac (Tyco) - high voltage relays.

Maida Development Company - PTC and NTC thermisters and high voltage ceramic capacitors.

Morgan Electro Ceramics - piezoelectric ceramic materials and components.

Mouser Electronics - full range of retail electronic supplies, equipment, and components.

Riedon - extremely stable, high-quality, cutting edge resistors.

Radio Shack - good range of high-retail electronic supplies, equipment, and components.

Silpak, Inc. - silicone, potting resins, and mold making materials.

Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation - high voltage DC supplies.

TDK Electronic Components - high voltage ceramic (including doorknob) capacitors.

Small Parts, Inc. - screws, metal and plastic rods and sheets, chemicals, and everything you would expect from a small town hardware store. Call 1-800-220-4242 for a catalog.

Other Sites of Interest:

The Antigravity Underground at Bill Beatty's Weird Science - probably the best site for science projects from the down-to-Earth to the exotic.

The Black Vault - a series of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) related to a possible government conspiracy-of-silence regarding UFO's.

Electrostatic Machines - Circuit and design schematics (as well as modifications) for Wimshurst, Voss, Toepler, etc. machines built by Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz.

The Electrostatic Loudspeaker Circuit - Circuits, designs, manufacturers and other information on building or purchasing electrostatic speakers on Bill Beatty's site. Also has fellow researchers that can be contacted for help.

Jochen's High Voltage Page - HV circuit schematics and more interesting experiments.

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