Electrostatic Precipitator
(with disposable collector plates)

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November 16, 1966
Covina, California

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In applicant's patent No. 2,949,550 entitled "Electrokinetic Apparatus," the claims are directed to the use of an assembly of fine wires and plates to produce a flow of air (or other fluid dielectric). In Bennett patent No. _______, the specification teaches the use of essentially the same physical structure although it was indicated the apparatus was not useful in "dirty" air.

In applicant's patent No. 2,949,550, no specific reference was made to its effectiveness as an electrostatic precipitator. This use was discovered after the patent application was filed. Now, it appears the principle utility of the device is in this area, i.e. as a self-propelling (fanless or motorless) electrostatic precipitator.

There seems to be a possibility (notwithstanding the fact that this patent was duly examined and claims granted) that the existence of the Bennett patent was not discovered or known to the examiner, and this Brown patent may have passed to issue in error. If such is the case, Brown patent No. 2,949,550 may be found to be invalid.

The present application, therefore, is to include claims directed to the use of cleanable (washable) or disposable precipitator plates, instead of fixed plates, to cure this oversight and dilemma. The apparatus to be patented is physically similar to patent No. 2,949,550 but includes now the fine wires and precipitator electrodes specifically adapted to be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Hence, it is subsequently determined that patent 2,949,550 is invalid and in the public domain because of the Bennett prior teaching. The addition of the removable electrode feature, as a patentable and useful device, should restore protection. The present application not only should stand on "its own feet" as a patent, but should eliminate the Bennett difficulty.

T. Townsend Brown
Covina, Calif.
Nov. 1, 1966

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