Fan-Precipitator Elements Memorandum
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November 20, 1969

Copyrighted © by The Townsend Brown family. All rights reserved.

To: W.B.

From: T. Townsend Brown

Subject: Patent coverage for semi-conducting fan-precipitator elements.


(a) Patent Appln. Docket No. 8310 "Microphone"
(final draft in preparation)

(b) Patent Appln. Docket No. 8574 "Plasma Dynamic Loudspeaker"
(temporarily deferred)


(A) Patent Appln. Docket No. 8780 "Electrokinetic Apparatus"

(B) Photocopy of letter from K. dated Nov. 17, 1967

(C) Photocopy of letter to K. dated Oct. 24, 1967
(enclosing GTI check for $1900.00).

1. Recent laboratory findings have established the value of semi-conducting materials in the fabrication of electrode vanes for both the fan-precipitators and loudspeakers. Air velocities and sound intensities have been increased three to four times over those heretofore possible with bare metallic electrodes.

2. In short, the specific use of semi-conductors represents a substantial "break-through" in electrokinetic technology and leads to valuable structural improvements which appear to be novel and patentable.

3. Foreseeing such possibility, I prepared a first draft of patent application "Electrokinetic Apparatus" dated Nov. 10, 1967, Enclosure (A) and submitted it to our patent counsel during a conference on the subject, November 14, 1967.

4. During that conference, Mr. K. made a provisional review of the new material and expressed the opinion, subject to further study, that semi-conducting materials used in the indicated way would be patentable. Such a basic structural departure could provide independent proprietary rights if claimed specifically.

5. Mr. K. has now completed his review (See Enclosure B) and is prepared to proceed with the filing of subject application.

6. I recommend that I be authorized to instruct Mr. K.:

1. to proceed with the filing of this new application (Docket No. 8780) without delay.

2. to defer, for the time being, the filing of Docket No. 8574 "Plasma-Dynamic Loudspeaker" and to apply the funds now allocated to the plasma-dynamic loudspeaker to the filing of the subject patent which, I believe, is more urgent.

3. to continue the preparation of the final draft of application Docket No. 8310 "Microphone" for which payment has already been made, Enclosure (C).

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